H2 True Molecular Hydrogen Supplement (60 tablets)

  • H2 For Younger Looking Skin
  • Therapeutic Benefits For Over 170 Disease Models
  • Increases Cellular Hydration
  • Supports Mitochondrial ATP (energy) Production
  • Selective Antioxidant. Goes After Sick and Diseased Cells and Aids In The Production of More Protective Enzymes
  • Regular Use Heightens Physical and Mental Energy
  • Safe. No Cytotoxic Side Effects and Safe For All Age Groups
  • Easy to take
  • Dissolves in water

What Is H2 True?

H2 True turns regular water into hydrogen water. The short story is that when you drink hydrogen water the tiny hydrogen bubble molecules actively seek out sick and diseased cells - bind to them and flush them out of your body.

Thankfully, this is not marketing hype. The therapeutic benefits of using molecular hydrogen for better health and disease reversal has been documented in over 700 scientific studies covering over 170 disease models. Studies go back as far as 1798! Yes, hundreds of years.

So, what is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is water enriched or infused with hydrogen gas (H2), also known as molecular hydrogen. This means that hydrogen molecules when dissolved in water release hydrogen gas. This makes the water fizzy, sort of like when you drink a carbonated beverage. Hydrogen gas is made up of two hydrogen atoms (H2) that are covalently bonded (shared electrons). This gas has a neutral charge and is the smallest and lightest gas in the universe. These qualities make hydrogen gas extremely unique because it means H2 can get anywhere it wants to in your body, including passing the blood-brain barrier, and into subcellular compartments such as the mitochondria of your cells. Molecular hydrogen is also known as a therapeutic medical gas with amazing medical potential that is becoming the biggest thing in the scientific community.

How To Take H2 True

The easiest and most efficient method is by simply dropping an H2 True tablet in water, waiting only a few minutes and then drinking it. In all cases, molecular hydrogen (H2) easily enters the bloodstream and is transported throughout the body ready to get to work gobbling up free radical cells that are doing harm in your body.

Each bottle has 60 tablets and you simply dissolve one tablet a day in water and drink. Always place the tablet in a water container with a secure closing lid and then wait for it to dissolve before drinking.