Cooler ORXC4000 Office Hot/Cold Dispenser

Office Water Cooler with Hot/Cold Filtered Alkaline Water, easy control panel and illuminated dispenser.

Enjoy pure refreshing filtered water at the office. Keep your employees hydrated, alert and more productive with energizing Alkaline drinking water from this Office Absolute 3 Stage Filter Cooler.

Office Alkaline Water Filter with Hot/Cold Alkaline water

The ORXC4000 3 Stage Filter Cooler is a premium hot/cold water cooler alkaline water dispenser equipped with an easy to use a microprocessor control panel and illuminated dispensing gap.

Lease Options Available. Call pH Prescription 772-220-8789 for more information.

Filtered Office Water Has Benefits!

  • Installs directly into the water line
  • Pure hot and cold drinking water for the whole office
  • Cost effective over bottled water and with less contamination
  • No heavy jugs to lift or plastics that leach chemicals into the water
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient
  • Helps keep employees more productive


We are happy to assist you in finding a certified plumber in your area for your water filter system installation.
Just call us at 772-220-8789 or 888-728-2783 for questions or assistance.

=>Please note: Accurate pH readings must be done with a pH tester and not pH testing paper strips. Our pH Test MW 100 or similar product is recommended.