Micro-clustered alkaline ionized or structured alkaline ionized means water with smaller hydrogen and oxygen molecules or which has circular oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Usually, a water molecule from tap water is made up of hydrogen (1) and oxygen (2) atoms contain up to 13 large clusters of water molecules. These large clusters of water molecules reduce the longing to drink water. It means after drinking a glass of water your body will not feel the need to drink water for a long time because of large clustered water molecules which are utilized in the hydration process.

On the other hand, a micro-clustered ionized water contains 5 to 6 small H2O clusters. These micro-clusters makes water more hydrating, permeable and soluble. Your body will require you to drink water more often and makes the hydration process faster. Due to the sufficient amount of water, your body cells will absorb essential nutrients and minerals at a rapid rate.

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