About us

pH Prescription, LLC

Headquartered in Florida and founded in 2005, our predecessor and now our current company has become a leader in the purification and structuring of water. We have customers in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. We supply homes, offices, condos, apartments and manufacturing facilities with sophisticated water filtration systems. Our customers are offered advanced technologies and quality products to provide truly efficient, cost effective alternatives to expensive water ionizers and bottled water.

We retain only professional representatives and installation technicians who are trained and certified under the guidelines of the Water Quality Association.

Meet our staff

Leo Szymborski

President/Founder of pH Prescription

Leo has worked in the water treatment and purification business for over 30 years. pH Prescription water filtration systems change the water naturally without electricity. Our technology has advanced to the point where we can now manipulate the simple, taken for granted water molecule and put it to work. These minerals alter the structure of the water molecule so that it produces (or frees up) millions and millions of electrons in changing the molecular structure of water so that it becomes an antioxidant itself! These unique water filtration systems remove chlorine, fluorides, pharmaceutical drugs, Arsenic, Bacteria, Nitrates, Radiation and much more. pH Prescription is approved and used by Medical Professionals and Water Experts worldwide.


LeAnn Szymborski

Vice President/COO

LeAnn has extensive experience in the water purification arena. She is responsible for customer relations and the efficient running of the office and the ramifications thereof.


Michele Bell

Financial Specialist

Michele is a degreed accountant in charge of the financial aspects of our company. She has nine years’ experience in business and finance.

Our Advisory Board