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Ozo-Pod 10


Ozonated water is “water that cleans”. Whatever it comes into contact with becomes purified as well. Cutting boards, storage containers, etc.

Even if you purchase organic vegetables, that doesn't guarantee they are free of dangerous microbes.

Easy to use, the Ozo-Pod® 10 will quickly bring 5 gallons of water up to 1PPM ozone concentration within minutes. That is a lethal level to almost any microbe that can make you sick. Ozone also breaks down harmful long-chain molecules that are found in herbicides and pesticides.

  • Odiferous athletic gear
  • Vegetables from the farmer's market
  • The kitchen sink/garbage disposal
  • Smelly sponges
  • Smelly pets
  • Wash your hands

Water filtration with UV Sterilization - pH-UV-370


The pH-UV-370 is a well rounded water filtering system to protect you from Chemical & Biological dangers.

Complete protection against microorganisms Water Filter Features 3 Stages of Water Filtering for removal of: Chlorine, bacteria, E-coil, Cyst, Spores, Viruses, VOCs, THMs, chloramines, microorganisms.

Ultraviolet sterilization

  • Sterilizes harmful Bacteria, E-Coli, Viruses Fungi, Algae & Microbes
  • Provides your family with safe chemical free sterilized water
  • Quality 304 Stainless Steel System with Long lasting 9000 Hour Bulb!
  • Trusted by thousands of Water Professionals Worldwide. Meets Food,
  • Medical and Lab Requirements