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Dr Nathan Bryan

Nathan works with pH Prescription & Aquapellis to conduct study's on the effects of pH Prescription & Aquapellis water orally and transdermally.

People get sick for two reasons and two reasons only. Number 1, their body is missing essential nutrients that’s it needs to perform. Number 2, their body is exposed to toxins that prevent the body from performing. One of the greatest sources of environmental toxins is from exposure to the water we drink and bathe in. Using clean water free of toxins such as chlorine and fluoride and replete with essential nutrients will have profound effect on human health.

— Dr. Nathan Bryan

Dr Debra DeMarta

“In our practice of colorectal and rectal surgery, we need the best and most pure water for treating our patients. We realized that bad water kills and is an electron stealer. It creates oxidation which robs the body and the immune system of the ability to fight age and disease. Quality structured alkaline water provides the antioxidants we all need. It is an electron donor which puts out the oxidation fire. We use pH Prescription products to assure the best results for our patients.

— Dr. Debra DeMarta


Tyler LeBaron

Tyler is the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI), and one of the foremost authority in the science of hydration. He is recognized worldwide as one the top leaders and expert on molecular hydrogen. Tyler LeBaron has a degree in Biochemistry and is currently an adjunct instructor of physiology at the Brigham Young University-Idaho. His areas of expertise are Molecular Hydrogen, Molecular Cell biology, organic and inorganic chemistry. He is an affiliate member of the American Chemical Society and has been published in the American Chemical Society division, The Journal of Chemical Education.

— Tyler LeBaron

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