Finely Filtered Countertop
Drinking System

For use with Countertop Alkaline System for Home, Office, Salon/Spa Dispense

Model Number: pH-CT-550-RF

Price: $440.00


Continue enjoying your finely filtered alkaline water with antioxidant and energizing benefits with your Replacement Cartridge. Easy to install, works with your countertop model that filters and alkalizes water, removes chemicals like chlorine, chlorides, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals and many other toxins and impurities.

*Not Recommended for use on Well Water.   For Complimentary Consultation on Well Water systems call 772-220-8789


  • Ideal for home, office, salons and spas
  • Healthy living water with antioxidant action through our innovative propriety natural mineral filters  powerfully processes and activates water into smaller water clusters to hydrate cells more efficiently.
  • Infuses water with natural necessary minerals, removes harmful contaminants, toxins and impurities
  • Results in refreshing, alkaline water–perfect for drinking, cooking and for personal care rituals
  • Cost-effective, environmental and healthy–eco-conscious with savings on high-cost bottled water, healthier water than any bottled water—no plastics!
  • Can be used alone or with Total Home Water System

Multiple Phases of Water Filtration

Our countertop drinking system works with all our  Total Home Filtration Systems and provides  the benefits of Alkaline pH water:

 Phase 1: Microfiltration

This process physically removes suspended solids from water like sediment, sand and bacteria and is the preferred method for many community and municipal water treatment systems.

Phase 2: Multi-Media Filtration

Our high-grade proprietary filtering media has proven reduction of both organic and inorganic chemicals found in tap water.  The Catalytic Carbon and the patented KDF 55 filter, with patent pending innovative technology, together are proven to reduce up  to 99% of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) including chlorine, which produces chloroform, highly toxic when inhaled.

Phase 3: Remineralize

Our curated multi-media filtration removes unwanted toxins and impurities and infuses water with needed minerals using state-of-the-art gemstone technology. Trace Minerals, including magnesium, calcium and potassium and ionic minerals  are infused without influencing water taste.

Phase 4: Alkaline Stabilizer

A renewable and natural resource, specialized Coconut Carbon is ideal for filtration on multiple levels:  it has a high percentage of micropores and infuses a clean, crisp taste to water and does not cause allergic reactions.

Did you know…

Alkaline Water: the facts

What does Alkaline mean?

Caring for your System

*Please note: Accurate pH readings must be done with a pH tester and not pH testing paper strips. Our pH Test MW 100 or similar product is recommended.

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Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 14 in