Hand Held Shower Head w/ Chlorine Removal Shower Filter CPSHHH

  • Manufactured with 100% proprietary blend of KDF 
  • Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine and other contaminants
  • Light Weight
  • 6-Spray settings
  • Promotes better health, skin, and hair
  • Replaceable cartridge last 6-9 months depending on usage
  • Exceeds NSF Standard 177 for chlorine removal

Handheld Shower Filter Head w/Chlorine Removal System (Chrome Only)

Did you know that showering in chlorinated water is very unhealthy? Your skin easily absorbs both nutrients and toxins. When taking a hot shower your skin pores open allowing chlorine to be absorbed. In fact, you're also breathing in chlorine gas vapors from the hot water. Stop taking a shower in chlorinated water that can be harmful to your health and dry your skin and hair. It's time you enjoyed a pure refreshing shower!