Mission, Vision & History


We are committed to providing the highest quality purification and filtering products, systems and technology of water in the most cost-effective way for residential and commercial businesses such as offices, medical facilities, food service, salons, spas, hospitality, marine and all industries needing finely filtered water.


Our vision is to innovate and create technology that, at reasonable cost, can supply the most finely filtered and healthiest water for all.


Family owned and operated, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Palm City, Florida, pH Prescription has become the leader in finely filtered, re-minerlaized as well as hydrogen-infused water through innovative natural-based science and technology. Growth from local South-East Florida to now serving all 50 states and a number of international locations, pH Prescription supplies homes, offices, condominiums, hotels, spas, salons, medical facilities and manufacturing operations with sophisticated water filtration systems.

Owner/Founder Leo Szymborski, is an internationally recognized expert in water filtration and purification technology. The journey that led him to create, pH Prescription, is one of frustration, loss and inspiration, health and healing, on his terms. Read an excerpt from his upcoming book, to be available Summer 2022.

Leo Szymborski
President/Founder pH Prescription "Water Doctors Recommend"
Co-Owner DermaShower™, Aquapellis™, H2True™ Leo Szymborski has 35+ years of experience in the water filtration and purification industry designing and developing innovative proprietary water treatment systems. Endorsed by leading medical and wellness experts, these systems include customized commercial and residential filtration systems that remove toxic chemicals, specialized filters for medical kidney dialysis machines and sea-water desalination systems. In 2003 Leo developed a serious health issue that was not improved by traditional medical practices.  He sought a solution to recover his health drawing on his previous success developing equipment that effectively removed harmful contaminants from water.  His quest was to create the ideal system to produce pure, healthy contaminant-free water that is both safe and affordable—encouraging the ideal environment for the body to heal itself. In 2007 Leo learned about the concept of adding electrons to water to elevate water’s properties to be antioxidant through the conventional method of electrical ionization. He tested this new ‘water’ and was impressed with the results. However, this traditional method did not remove the harmful contaminants and toxins such as fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, arsenic, nitrates, radiation and more. Drawing upon his roots of successful filtration methods, Leo created a filtration system that combines rare earth minerals to produce water that is naturally mineralized, antioxidant and hydrogen rich—without using electricity and without harmful contaminants and toxins.  This amazing technology elevates the simple and often taken-for-granted water molecule, H20, galvanizing its properties to become an antioxidant itself—all without harmful contaminants. This new technology worked so well for Leo’s health issues he knew in his heart he had to share this discovery so others could have the same health benefits and so he launched pH Prescription ™ in 2008. My personal mission is to keep developing new technology that makes safe clean, healthy water for all.
LeAnn Szymborski
Co-founder of pH Prescription, LLC with her husband Leo Szymborski, over twenty years ago. With a background in forensics and criminal law, LeAnn worked as a Paralegal serving several of South Florida’s renown attorneys. Her training and experience honed her attention to detail, which fuels the smooth operations of the company. Overseeing the day-to -day administration and functional operations including internal affairs, communications, client interface, LeAnn’s experience has infused a depth of care and knowledge to her leadership through which client high-retention and growth is solid evidence. As the literal ‘first voice’ of the company, LeAnn’s empathetic and knowledgeable approach is felt throughout customer service, marketing and sales. Although LeAnn’s dedication keeps her busy, in her leisure time, she enjoys her family and friends, relaxing with feet in the sand or cruising along on the family boat in sunny Palm City, Florida.
Aida Aloian
Entrepreneur/Co-Owner, Executive Director Concept Development and Innovation
Co-Owner DermaShower™, H2True™ , Aquapellis™ Aida Aloian has extensive background in start-ups as well as the launch of new products and concepts in the health, wellness and beauty industries. Her unique ability to identify product and service needs and bring them to market is unparalleled. Among her many accomplishments, her brainchild, DermaShower™ Customized Nutrient Infusion System, is the world’s first finely filtered transdermal shower system in its category. She envisioned a revolutionary 3-part filter and replenishing system for showers that removes up to 99% of dangerous chemicals from bathing tap water and infuses it with essential nutrients and minerals for the healthiest bathing experience. Aida is always seeking to improve, innovate and create to help people improve their health and well-being while also ensuring a light carbon footprint for a cleaner, healthier world.
Nadine Szymborski
Director Visual Creative and Design
From earliest childhood, Nadine has been attracted to art, color and design. At six years old, she began to learn how to blend color, paint and sketch from her grandmother, a self-taught artist in her own right. Nadine demonstrated natural ability and this talent was encouraged by her family. Always wanting to improve and explore how to improve her talent, art classes helped to not only hone Nadine’s skills but fueled her passion for art and beauty. She received commissions to paint portraits of friends and family. Intent to grow and experiment with art, Nadine's creative outlet expanded into working in a variety of mediums including metal, wood, leather and fabric. From making personalized clothing and accessories to temporary tattoos to designing realistic costumes for Comicon-like events, Nadine became sought-after for her visual talents and attention to detail. Leveraging her artistic accomplishments and love of beauty, Nadine became a licensed Aesthetician, giving her the ability to merge her talent with skin care and make up. She is returning to her roots as an artist to work with pH Prescription in the role of Director of Creative/Graphic Design. Bringing her multiple talents to the family business, Nadine will be overseeing the visual branding of the company including logo design, video and photo shoots which will bring a distinction to the pH Prescription visual branding in both print and digital media. Her first priority will be using her specialty, illustrations, which will be included in her father, Leo Szymborski III’s first book, to be published early summer 2021.
Aleksandrs ‘Alex’ Lubimovs
IT Director/Software Technology Development
DermaShower™, H2True™, Aquapellis™, pH Prescription™ Water Doctors Recommend Alex Lubimovs is a software developer with a passion for innovation. From creating unique programming for the electrical industry to development of daycare software to social media, Alex’s digital excellence is boundless. Always seeking to innovate programming to help people improve their business, Alex works tirelessly towards constantly creating programming that is both expedient and efficient.
James Caulfield
Director Research and Development
Born and raised in a small town in southern New Jersey, Jim joined the pH Prescription team in 2014 as a Field Technician. Recognizing his outstanding customer service, adeptness at understanding water chemistry as well as his mechanical and design ability, he was promoted to Director of Research and Development in 2018. In this role, Jim not only refines but maintains quality consistency, specializes in the design and oversight of our high-end custom and commercial applications and installations ensuring a high quality experience for our customers. Jim's excellence in development has set the bar high and can be seen in many of the products we offer today.
Leo Szymborski V/Jr
Senior Technician/Installer
Born in Newark, Delaware, Jr, as he is known, was raised in Florida and in his family’s company, pH Prescription. He grew up listening and learning about plumbing, water purification and how to craft the best delivery systems for finely filtered water. He feels fortunate to work with his family in a job he loves. Working side-by-side with his father has enabled him to meet some of the foremost medical experts, innovators and mavericks of health and wellness and apply the knowledge they shared to his craft. As a father of two children, Leo Jr. feels his role as a Senior Technician and Installer allows him to set an example of what it means to be a part of a family and team and demonstrate how his role with pH Prescription has contributed to help the company thrive and grow to make a difference in the health and wellness of people.
Walker Wayne Baker, Jr.
As a native Floridan, and former Vet, Walker feels thrilled to be able to apply his passion and skills to rewarding work for a local family owned and operated business. In 2013, Walker enlisted in the US Army as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic repairing, maintaining and driving all types of wheeled vehicles and is proud to have had that experience and grateful to all the other disabled Veterans, like himself, who have served our country. After his enlistment, a friend introduced Walker to Leo and pH Prescription. He began by learning and working on assembly of units and quickly worked up to become a Technician. In this role he installs, services, and repairs the filtration units that pH Prescription provides. During his work with pH Prescription, he has met a variety of clients and doctors who influenced him to take the quality of water seriously. He was inspired to expand his knowledge of health and is am currently taking courses at Keiser University and plans to continue his journey of helping others, not only with the water they consume but also to receive the treatment that they may need.
Dean Szymborski
Dean Szymborski
Social Media Team Leader
Born in Salem, New Jersey. Raised in East Florida. Dean has grown up in the family business and has been a part his fathers company for seven years as a marketing sales advisor professional. With this kind of hands-on training, it is evident that Dean has an extensive background in sales and water filtration. His amiable personality and knowledge puts customers at ease knowing that they will be well taken care of and will be educated on any pH Prescription equipment/products they may choose to buy. Dean is currently leading the Social Media aspect of pH Prescription supporting the growth of the brand in various media channels.
Alison Howland
Brand/Content Development
With 35+ years in global wellness, spa and business development including training, sales and marketing, and with certifications in Aesthetics, Ayurveda, Aromaology® and TQM™, Alison brings a vast toolkit of experience and knowledge to pH Prescription. Having opened spas in 14 countries as well as her affiliations with Global Wellness Institute’s Hydrothermal and Wellness Real Estate Initiatives, previous Advisory Board member for Caribbean Spa Association and Green Spa Network and as an internationally published writer and presenter, the integration of her expertise i is applied across pH Prescription’s content development in marketing, sales, education with a focus on web content, product information development and technical information manuals. Her passion for wellness and its importance is perfectly aligned with the vision and mission of pH Prescription Water Doctors Recommend.

pH Prescription Beliefs

  • We believe in the art of our skills to draw upon science and nature to develop the most innovative products, systems and technology to deliver the finest filtered water.
  • We believe in creating partnerships with professionals that share our core values, mission and passion to educate existing and new clients on living healthier lives assisted with consuming finely filtered, healthy water.
  • We believe in educating the consumer not only through presentations but by experiencing pH Prescription’s finely filtered water’s effect on their health and wellbeing.
  • We believe that through the harmonization of technology, practical experience, collective knowledge, and wisdom we can exponentially expand awareness of healthy energized water as a positive resource for longevity and well-being.
  • We believe in creating a community that helps to authentically improve the lives of existing and new customers more impact-fully, cost effectively and efficiently delivered through our high quality water systems.
  • We believe that consumers and professionals look to pH Prescription as a leader in finely filtered water and technology to help guide them toward products and services that empowers their ability to choose what is in their best interest for optimal health and well-being for themselves, their patients, clients or customers, through our healthy water systems.