If you believe that finely filtered water is important for health and wellbeing,
become a pH Prescription Affiliate!

It’s a winning opportunity!
When you become a pH Prescription Affiliate you promote our brand and yours,
help others learn and experience the benefits of finely filtered water and earn commission too.

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Potential Affiliates, we invite you to learn how our program works:

First:  Our Basic Criteria:

    1. Must have the ability to link to the pH Prescription website.
      Having a relevant, up-to-date website is a plus!
    2. If you have a Website:
      Your content must be factual.  Unsubstantiated wellness/health claims are not acceptable.
      Your website must have a Comprehensive Privacy Policy.

      To post our images/content from our website, you must have prior written approval  from pH Prescription
    3. Any promotional materials/broadcasts must have an FTC disclaimer informing your audience/followers that you receive compensation as an affiliate.
    4. pH Prescription Product Images, Product Description and Product Pricing must be kept current on all materials/visuals and reflect the same image, content, and pricing as the pH Prescription Website.
    5. Profanity, offensive content, inaccurate claims, disparaging remarks are not tolerated, and your Affiliate Account will be de-activated at once.

    Please note, if you violate any of pH Prescription Affiliate Rules or Requirements, your account will be deactivated and you will lose all unpaid commissions. Reinstatement of your account after it bans you is at the discretion of pH Prescription. As such, we recommend complying proactively and avoid the inconvenience of reinstating your account.

Second, you must Apply to become an Affiliate:

Step 1:
Click here and fill out the form.

Step 2:
Your Affiliate Account request will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 7-10 business days.

Step 3:
pH Prescription will respond via email and response may include the Affiliate Detail form that provides us with more information about you, your company and website and additional contact details.

Step 4:
Once all your information in both the Affiliate Application and Affiliate Detail form is approved, you will be sent a Welcome Email with notice of approval that contains a temporary password.

Step 5:
Follow the directions in your Welcome Email and activate your Affiliate Account on the link provided. You will now begin earning commission for referrals and have the ability to access your Affiliate Account to see your progress.

Disclaimer:  Affiliate Accounts showing no activity/sales in 45 days will be de-activated. You will need to re-apply and your status will be reviewed to determine qualification.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about your application or the process.
Email:  info@phprescription.com
Office:  772-220-8789