Total Home Toxin ReducerPLUS

Up to 99% Reduction of Fluoride and Heavy Metals

Naturally reduces up to 99% of fluoride and heavy metals throughout home and filters up to 12 Gallons per Minute!

    • Taste the difference of our finely filtered water for drinking, cooking, and morning coffee or tea
    • Feel the difference of spring-like water in your bathing rituals
    • Enjoy the difference of softer, fresher laundry

pH Prescription ensures those gallons flowing from your taps are finely filtered, better for you and your family and more economical than bottled water!

This system may be enhanced with WMS QuadVortex™ innovative technology!
Save 50% when purchased with your Total Home System!

*Customized Systems available upon consultation for larger homes/businesses.

* Recommendation:
If you do not have a home filtration system we recommend the pH-WH-1500 be installed to protect the filtration media inside pH-WH-2000 from overloading from basic heavy metals and extend the life of both systemsI
Model Number: pH-WH-2000

Price: $4,070.00


Reduces Fluoride and filters up to 99% of chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides , VOCs, THMs and other impurities through a blend of natural medias including Brimac Carbon and KDF 55 filtering  up to 12 gallons of water per minute.*

*Customized Systems for larger homes and businesses available upon consultation


  • Provides  spring-quality water throughout your entire home by reducing up to 99% of  Flouroide, chlorine, chloramines, Chromium 6, PFAS, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, THMs, and other impurities. Ideal for those on a city water system.
  • Installed on the main water line that enters your home, we invite you to experience the difference of our high quality finely filtered water :
    • Taste the difference for drinking, cooking, and morning coffee.
    • Feel the difference in your bathing rituals
    • Touch the difference of fresher laundry

The pH Prescription Total Home Toxin Reducer PLUS 

Our Total Home Toxin Reducer PLUS Water Filtration system is a mixture of proprietary medias that reduces the greatest percentage of toxins and impurities in your water.

pH Prescription uses NSF 61 Approved Brimac, a high calcium premium carbon that is carbonized at 1472 degrees Fahrenheit in controlled conditions. The result is Kosher Certified, 100% organic carbon, made of 80% phosphate of calcium, 10% carbon and 10% calcium carbonate. With an extended life, it has no toxicity and infuses water with beneficial minerals.

There is no pH effect and it  reduces chlorine, heavy metals and radioactive isotopes in addition to fluoride.

High calcium premium carbon is considered a highly effective contaminate reducer as it is hundreds of times more porous than other filters and contains calcium which attract the fluorides filtering them up to 98%.

Water travels through patented NSF approved KDF-55, a zinc-copper filter compound, neutralizing organic and inorganic mercury, trichloroethylene (TCE) and trighalometh-anes (THM) and other heavy metals. It also inhibits bacterial growth and preserves the pleasant, fresh state of water. When combined with high calcium premium carbon, it enhances the reduction of chlorine 6 to 8 times.

If you have a Total Home filtration system, the pH-WH-2000 may be added as a second tank if your current Total Home carbon system has been well maintained.

* Recommendation:
If you do not have a home filtration system, for optimum results, we recommend the pH-WH-1500 be installed for water to process first. This protects the filtration media inside pH-WH-2000 from overloading from basic heavy metals and extends the life of both systems.

Did you know…

Heavy metals in both drinking and bathing water pose a threat to human health. Populations are exposed to heavy metals primarily through water consumption

The most common heavy metal pollutants are arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel lead and mercury. When the pH in water falls, metal solubility increases and the metal particles become more mobile. Ingesting or absorbing chronic low exposures to heavy metals can have serious health effects in the long run.

In one year, the average American consumes 58 gallons of water per year. Americans use 1.7trillon gallons of water per year showering.

pH Prescription can ensure those gallons are finely filtered, better for you and your family and more economic than bottled water!

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