Total Home Chelating
Water Filtration System
Filters VOCs

Reduces Chlorine, Heavy Metals and more.

For removal of up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, THMs, and much more. Ideal for those on a city water system.

This water purification system will handle up to 12 gallons per minute and up to 4 bathrooms. Larger systems are available.

Note: This filter does not remove fluoride.

Model Number: pH-WH-1500

Price: $3,200.00

NOTICE: This product will be shipped by freight.

Water Purification System For Every Tap In Your Home

How would you like to have spring-water quality at every water source in your home?

Think of it – pure filtered water for cooking, laundry, showers, baths and brushing your teeth! Did you know that you absorb ten times more chlorine and chemicals in your skin from showers than drinking it? In addition, you inhale it through the stream as well.

pH Prescription uses a mixture of our proprietary medias mixed with (KDF) and Cat Carbon to produce very clean and clear water for your whole home.

Our whole house water filtration systems are placed on the main water line that enters your home. Now you can have pure filtered water for showers and baths, cooking, laundry and more!

For removal of up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, herbicides and much more.

Pure Clean Filtered Water To Enjoy

You can now have filtered water right from your bathroom faucet for brushing your teeth and washing your face; filtered water right from your kitchen faucet for cooking and brewing coffee or tea, and filtered water for your laundry! Whole house water filters make for a healthier environment and make good economic sense!

Most people think that if we just drank filtered water, we have our bases covered. We never even realized that the chlorine in our showers and baths could be just as damaging, if not more so. That’s because your skin is your largest organ and it is naturally gifted with the ability to absorb both nutrients and toxins.

Please Note: This system will not remove fluoride. If you would like a water filter system that removes fluoride along with chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., we recommend the pH-WH-3500 whole house water filter system.