“In our practice of colorectal and rectal surgery, we need the best and most pure water for treating our patients. We realized that bad water kills and is an electron stealer. It creates oxidation which robs the body and the immune system of the ability to fight age and disease. Quality structured alkaline water provides the antioxidants we all need. It is an electron donor which puts out the oxidation fire. We use pH Prescription products to assure the best results for our patients.”

Deborah A. DeMarta, MD is a practicing colorectal surgeon in Stuart, FL. Dr. DeMarta graduated from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in 1989 and has been in practice for 28 years. She completed a residency at Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Florida. Dr. DeMarta also specializes in internal medicine.

Dr. Deborah DeMarta is a top-notch colorectal surgeon and functional medicine specialist. Dedicated to helping her patients who have extremely challenging internal and gastrointestinal disorders, she has focused her care towards lifestyle behavior and nutritional changes for the better part of twenty years. she uses her surgical skills with great care, caution, and precision.

Using the latest methodology and blood chemistry Dr. DeMarta has achieved a high level of success with patients avoiding surgery and invasive procedures by controlling, and in many cases, reversing chronic conditions such as non-insulin dependent diabetes, hyperlipidemia, crohn’s disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other associated conditions. Dr. DeMarta is highly proficient in blood chemistry analysis and interpretation, which required hundreds of hours of training and experience.