Dr. Walter Gil, M.D.


One of the most plentiful and essential compounds and is the bulk of what most living things are composed of.

75% of the earth is composed with water. How unfortunate that as essential and plentiful 3% of the earth’s water is fresh–2.5% is unavailable as it is in the atmosphere, soil, polar caps and glaciers. Only .5% is available as fresh water. Of that % much is recycled, still containing contaminants such as chlorine, pharmaceuticals, many other contaminants.

Thanks to pH Prescription and dedicated master of water, Leo Szymborski, who has managed to excel at water quality with masterful purification and detoxification systems.

Leo has applied water to health and rejuvenation and making a natural product best for hydration, medical and nutritional purpose,  while allowing the natural ingredients to remain.

The epitome of heath and hydration is through pH Prescription.

I am a Board certified MD of 35 years experience in clinical medicine and an interest in health and rejuvenation. I have seen actual results and what quality is with pH Prescription along with other modalities offered by this company.

I now offer quality health rejuvenation. And those cases in which contaminants are shown to be a contributing factor, pH Prescription is the ONLY choice.