Total Home WMS Vortex®

3-Step innovative, economic and environmental technology for finely filtered micro-clustered water–recommend for use with our Carbon Tank Filtration system.

Model Number: pH-WMS-900

Price: $1,895.00


Innovation and Environmental! Our patented WMS Vortex®  technology and KDF® system provides finely filtered water energized with Fibonacci-designed vortex system. Together, this innovative duo powerfully reduces harmful chemicals in water from every tap in your home!   Experience the WMS Vortex® difference!

Recommended for use with our Total Home Toxin Reducer PLUS for reduction of heavy metals

Our patented WMS Vortex ® Water Management System (WMS), when used with one of our Carbon Tank filtration systems, provides high-quality water from every tap in your home. This water filter system reduces harmful chemicals without waste water and without water softener application.

It also micro clusters the water, reduces chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, THMs and other harmful heavy metals.


  • Provides finely filtered, spring-quality water throughout the entire home when used with our premium Total Home Toxin Reducer PLUS Water System. Every water source will stream superior water—no softener needed– using the finest non-electric and chemical-free natural water filtration system available
  • Patented WMS Vortex® technology micro clusters water whilst removing toxins and impurities

Total Home WMS Vortex® SYSTEM

Our innovative and patented WMS Vortex®  System with KDF®  filter and our proprietary filtering medias  produce the finest total home water treatment systems available today!

Step 1:

Water passes through our filtering bed of natural KDF® Media, (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) proven to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth, reduce Chlorine, lead, unpleasant taste and odor. Also conditions hardness minerals and reduces a spectrum of other inorganic impurities from the water

Step 2:

The water then flows through our patented 2-stage WMS Vortex®, whose strong magnetic field creates centrifugal velocity in which water is not only descaled but the H2O molecules dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen.

Step 3:

The water has been finely filtered to reduce toxins and now becomes uniformly saturated with micro-clustered H20 molecules ensuring water that is good for your home and family.

Did you know…

A physics phenomenon, a vortex is a region in a fluid in which the flow revolves around the axis line in circular velocity.

Micro-clustered water means water with smaller hydrogen and oxygen molecule clusters making water more permeable and soluble allowing cells to absorb essential nutrients and mineral at a rapid rate, hydrating the body faster.

An optimally hydrated body creates greater mental clarity, improves the body’s natural healing ability, improves the health of the skin and relieves muscle fatigue.

*Recommended to be used with a Total Home Toxin Reducer PLUS Water System.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 18 in